Arts: Aikido and Judo

Aikido — Translated means “The Way of harmonizing with internal strength.”aikido_art_cropped

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art; it is dedicated to self defense and focused upon throws, joint-locks, striking, and weapon-retention. Practitioners will train both empty handed as well as with weapons, which include; sword, staff, and knife. Practically, the techniques taught in Aikido are designed to end a conflict with rapidity and permanence, but most practitioners find its usefulness to extend beyond martial tactics to assist them in personal growth and development.

Judo — Bluegrass Budokai teaches the art of Kodokan Judo.

Judo is the refinement of the ancient art of Jujitsu. The founder of Judo was Dr. Jigaro Kano. Dr. Kano, founded Judo after he studied several forms of Jujitsu. He realized that this training was effective for both developing the mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Kano was quoted as saying the following:
“While studying Judo, not only did I find it interesting, but also realized that it was most effective for the training of both body and mind. By taking together all of the good points I had learned by the various schools of jujitsu and
adding together my own inventions and discoveries, I devised a new system for physical culture and moral training as well for winning contests. I call this Judo.”

Bluegrass Budokjudo-art-croppedai continues this passion of training both body and mind by having classes that are physical and by encouraging everyone to educate themselves on other aspects of Judo. In class you will spend time learning both Tachi Waza (standing technique), Ne-Waza (ground technique), and combine both in Randori (free practice). Further study will include and focus on; chokes, joint locks, hip throws, foot throws, and others. Our training is not focused on training for competitions and the many “rules” and regulations by which they are guided. Rather our Judo is focused on sincere, vigorous training so that our practitioners are prepared to handle situations both from a martial/tactical perspective as well as a more calm, confident approach to life as a whole.