Founder & Instructors

Dojo-Cho (Founder)

Craig Caudill Sensei started his martial arts training in 1991 as a member of the Ecraighead
astern Kentucky University Judo team under Ben VanArsdale Sensei. He was introduced to the martial art of Aikido in 1993. Recognizing that he had a deep desire to train in the traditional and martially effective methods of Japanese Budo, he immersed himself in his training throughout the Eastern United States eventually becoming Chief Instructor of Ronin Bushido Aikido, a group of independent Central Kentucky dojos practicing Aikido. He was involved in demonstrations and training throughout several states in both private and agency-sponsored training events. It was in 2001 that his Aikido training under Meido Moore Sensei of the Chicago-based Shinjinkai began. Bluegrass Budokai is now an associate dojo of Shinjinkai.

In 2015 Caudill Sensei retired from the ownership and day-to-day instructional duties of the dojo. He still participates as an advisor and teaches in a minimal role.


General Manager / Lead Instructor

Jeff Crouch started studying at Bluegrass Budokai in 2005. From 2006 through 2009, Mcraig-jeffr. Crouch enrolled in the Uchi Deshi (live in student) program to gain a better understanding of the martial arts systems taught at Bluegrass Budokai. During the final year of the Uchi Deshi program, Mr. Crouch assumed the role of otomo (personal assistant) to Sensei Caudill. Mr. Crouch is the only student to date to graduate this stage of the program.

In 2015 Jeff took over the day-to-day management and instructional responsibilities of Bluegrass Budokai.